Produce Food More, Better

We are revolutionizing the agriculture industry by leveraging the power of AI, plant biology, and human expertise. By doing so, we can transform how food is grown commercially- making it more sustainable, efficient, and resilient. This is not just a small step towards a better future, but a giant leap that will shape the world we live in for generations to come.

We can reduce the environmental impact of farming, increase crop yields, and help feed a growing global population.

What We Do

Plant Phenomics

Each plant has a specific phsyical and chemical requirements for its growth. We want to take guessing out of farming, and therefore we are on a mission to to discover the ‘exact’ requirements for our cultivars to save resources and produce the highest quality of produce.

For Everyone

With our optimizations and engineering, we want to bring all farming sectors to the forefront of food production. Our technology is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to anyone in the agriculture industry, regardless of their experience level or the type of farming they practice.

Revolution in Farming

Our AI technology can be applied to different agriculture sectors because it is purely component-based, meaning it can be applied to fit the unique needs of different crops, regions, and farming practices.

Constantly Improving

We keep adding newer cultivars to our portfolio- from salads to herbs to mushrooms. At the same time, we have a provable record of reduced resources consumption.

The People Behind

We are a growing team obsessed with the dream of making sustainable and hyper-efficient agriculture the norm of food production.
David Ahmed
Founder & Head of Farming
Farming enthusiast.
Huijo Kim
Founder & Head of Tech
Learning enthusiast.
Felix Kirschstein
Founder & Head of Sales
Social enthusiast.
Ties van der Linden
Product Manager
Growth enthusiast.
Zhihui Liu
Product Designer
Something-new enthusiast.

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